John Golitz

This is my Story...


After 37 years of sales and marketing experience in 5 different industries, being a top producer and selling over $150 million of products...


I decided I wanted to share my passion

and unique experience helping people start

and grow their own business.


For me, the freedom of living my life on purpose and under my own terms is one of those non-negotiable priorities I have decided upon. While making sales was great, what I found really excited me was helping people get out of their dreaded jobs and follow their dreams of owning their own business.


I found that many people desperately wanted to start their own business and had amazing products and the core skills and passion for their product or service but lacked the skills in marketing and sales that was needed to get their company to grow.


Most importantly, people needed the support and community to give them the confidence to leave the security of their jobs and venture out on their own.  


In our last venture, my wife, Shari and my daughter Samantha and I had incredible success taking LifePULSE from zero to over $6 million in sales in just 2 years.


While this was a great accomplishment, it turned out that guiding, training and supporting the more than 300 people start their own business and becoming a PEMF Practitioner, was much more rewarding.


Shari and Samantha were amazing at creating a community and supporting these budding entrepreneurs. Our LifePULSE community of over 300 practitioners from all over the world soon became an extended family.  


Once we had this realization of a higher purpose, I started searching for a way to expand this part of our business, so we could make a larger, more meaningful impact. One day, one of my mentors told me, I should make informational videos to teach people the marketing strategy that got us such incredible results with LifePULSE.


The light came on and this company was born!


Suddenly I had this vision of how our awesome team could help business owners market their business using our unique blend of Law of Attraction meets Automated Marketing, but without the limitation of the product we were selling! 


Now we combine a bunch of things we love to do, all in one crazy mix, with law of attraction, automated marketing, traveling and helping people from all over the world realize their dream of owning their own business and living their life on their own terms. 


Now Shari, Sam and I have a fulfilling and rewarding online business, working from a horse farm in North Carolina, training and supporting people from all over the world.


It has been an incredible journey and I hope you enjoy it as much as we love sharing it with you!