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New online marketing courses for the Conscious Entrepreneur

  • Do it Yourself Marketing Journey

    -Create your Customer Conversation

    The Do it Yourself Marketing Journey takes you on the path of discovery so you will learn how to:

    1. Understand your customers core issues
    2. Understanding your Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses
    3. Create a conversation that talks about solving your customers core issues
    4. Automate and unify your marketing campaign that supports the conversation

    Learn how to create a customer conversation that turns your advertising dollars into happy customers.


    Click here to learn more about this insightful video series






  • The Secret to Manifesting Anything you desire

    Adapted from the legendary book, Think and Grow Rich, learn the Secret 7 steps to Manifesting Anything you desire and  listen to the companion guided meditation for an incredible manifesting experience.


    Learn one of the most powerful combinations to manifesting and changing your life. 


    Click Here to get your Free Meditation and the 7 Steps to Manifest Anything you Desire

  • How to use the Law of Attraction to Grow your Business

    Learn to combine the concepts of Law of Attraction with a proven Automated online marketing platform in an easy to follow, step by step video series


    This revolutionary, online course breakdown the process of applying the Law of Attraction, so that your marketing message is more purposeful and connected to your best customers. 


    Create a buying experience is more like an informative conversation with a trusted friend than a high-pressure sales pitch.


    Learn how Law of Attraction works energetically and is really great marketing for the conscious entrepreneur. 


    Click here to learn more



  • How to Create a Facebook Ad in 15 minutes or less


    One of the biggest advantages small businesses have is paid advertising on Facebook to a very targeted Facebook Audience.


    If you deliver relevant information to a specific audience in Facebook, buyers will buy from you.


    One of the biggest keys to being successful with Facebook paid Ads is creating a targeted audience. This training teaches you to create an audience from a Facebook boosted post or from the Ads Manager tool.


    This training shows you the basics

    of both and how to create a Facebook ad in less than 15 minutes.


    This basic training is a must if you are not doing paid ads and think it is too difficult. Put that fear away and dig in to this easy to follow video training. This valuable is now included in the Law of Attraction for Business course!  Click Here for more info 

"Shari and John saved me from being stuck on the hamster wheel of jobs. Your passion, dedication and compassion were apparent from the first time I met you. As a wise lady I now know once said " Everyone I meet is a friend ". Nothing could be more true. You guys have given so much of yourselves everyone you come in contact with, and it is because of you , I continue to move forward. PEMF is a gift for sure, but the REAL gift is having met you , John and this incredible group of practitioners that YOU guys created .. Thank you from the bottom of my heart . Forever a friend. "

Renee Birchell

"Shari and John gave us the best possible training and advice for our business. But, more than that you always made us feel like family "

Penn Martin







"I am so grateful for the time spent with you all at Tryon this Spring. Your passion for life and drive for success is certainly unforgettable. Thank you so much for everything!"



Melissa Lundberg

"Although I was on the fence if I should start this venture it was you both that made up my mind. You made me feel comfortable and instant friendship. I am very blessed to have met you." 

Christine Nelson



"Shari and John were most certainly the reason I made the jump and started this business.

You guys felt like great friends from the get go, and the experience I started with you all in Tryon was fantastic and nothing short of life changing! "

Jordan Meadley

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